Crèche Guidelines In India

Crèche Guidelines In India Call us to know more on creche requirements, rules, regulations, or start a creche facility for employees / company. We are experts in setting up corporate daycare centres, baby creches, daycare in corporate offices or how to start an onsite daycare in India The idea [more]

How to Start a Corporate Daycare

How to Start a Corporate DaycareWith the rise in number of corporate companies in the major Indian cities, there has been development and some concerns as well. With the corporate round-the clock working style, working moms need a support of corporate day care centers. The expectation is a decent, clean, professional day care [more]

Do we Require Any Qualifications to Start a Daycare

Do we Require Any Qualifications to Start a DaycareIn India, normally, there is no requirement of a professional qualification for starting a small scale day care. However, if you are planning to start a professional day care or a corporate day care, you and your staff members should have supporting professional qualifications. It is advisable if [more]

Start a Daycare at Home in India

Start a Daycare at Home in IndiaA day care seems to be a lucrative business that one can start in the comfort zone at home. However, this business involves great responsibility that keeps you on your toes and a complete set of investments that are systematic and involve no compromise. So, now that you are planning to start your [more]

Corporate Daycare benefits

Corporate Daycare benefitsWhen a corporate company invests in a day care center, it may seem going out of the way in the initial stage. The company has to invest in space, labor, catering, medical facilities, and emergency services and so on. Also, each of this aspect has to be reliable and quality based as it is related to [more]

Top 4 Qualities to Look for in a Daycare

Top 4 Qualities to Look for in a DaycareWhether a corporate or an in-house daycare, parents always look out for the best for their kids. When they are selecting a daycare, they are planning to hand over their child to someone who is unknown and hence there are numerous questions that obviously arise in their minds. Daycare being a [more]

Corporate day care furniture and layout ideas

Corporate day care furniture and layout ideasA daycare interior design can be quite innovative and interesting. You can imagine the place to be painted bright with pasted cutouts of cartoons and fairies. It is absolutely important that the little angels get comfortable and entertained in the premises, whether they are in a good or a bad mood. [more]