Corporate day care furniture and layout ideas

A daycare interior design can be quite innovative and interesting. You can imagine the place to be painted bright with pasted cutouts of cartoons and fairies. It is absolutely important that the little angels get comfortable and entertained in the premises, whether they are in a good or a bad mood. The same thing applies to the corporate daycare as well. When you plan a corporate daycare, irrespective of the space that is planned, a considerable thought needs to go into the furniture and layout aspect.

Corporate day care furniture and layout ideasThe furniture needs to comprise of spaces to accommodate the belongings of the kids, their toys, play area, sleeping arrangements, and space for drying clothes. These are the minimum requirements. In addition, there could be furniture for kitchen, medical room, mother’s room and so on.

The layout of the furniture needs to be compact so as to provide maximum space to the kids and also to wave out any risk of injuries as kids are susceptible to injuries. Provisions should be made to keep heavy items like computers, television sets to be fixed and at safe distances. Medicine sections should be away from the reach of children.

The furniture planning should consider kids from the age group of 0-10. Accordingly, the space and items need to be arranged. You can have kids that crawl, run, fidget, and can those that can be a menace. The interior design of the walls and furniture should also be attractive so as to make the daycare stand apart from the rest of the office.

If you have a plan for an independent play area for the kids, the layout for that should be planned as well. In this case, not only the furniture items, but also the toys need to be selected from the point of view of the safety of the kids.

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