Corporate Daycare benefits

When a corporate company invests in a day care center, it may seem going out of the way in the initial stage. The company has to invest in space, labor, catering, medical facilities, and emergency services and so on. Also, each of this aspect has to be reliable and quality based as it is related to the health and safety of the tiny tots.

However, in the long term, this venture proves to be beneficial in several ways. As the period of raising babies or toddlers is the most crucial and demanding one, a day care at the office provides great support to the new parents. Some of the benefits of the corporate day care are as follows:

  • Having the litCorporate Daycare benefitstle ones within reach is the biggest console for female employees as well the males in some cases. New Moms can take the benefit of breastfeeding the baby which cannot be done if the day care is away from office or the baby is at home.
  • If the kids are sick or get cranky for some reason, the mother can be summoned and the baby can be pacified. If the same thing happens at home, the Mom possibly needs to leave for the day.
  • As the Mom carries the baby along to the workplace and is present in the vicinity, the probabilities of leaves and early departure reduce a lot. It now becomes possible to attend the baby and get back to work.
  • Corporate day care helps the Moms to personally look into the diet of the toddlers. As toddlers are usually fussy and picky eat
    ers, Moms can attend them during office lunch hours and short breaks and get the needful done.
  • Long or crucial project hours seem less tasking if the day care is in the premises. The Mom can concentrate better o her work if she knows that her baby is fine and she can check on her anytime.

Considering all the benefits listed above, the corporate day care turns out to be a profitable venture. This in fact is a great strategy to retain employees with families.

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