Crèche Guidelines In India

Crèche Guidelines In India

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The idea of a crèche is to provide day-care for children in the age group of 1-10 years. These children can be those whose parents are working and have nobody to take care of their children or they could be of employees working in a company where such a crèche has been set up.

In either case, the crèche guidelines in India are very clear about the manner in which such facilities should be set up and run. Till now there was no clarity on various aspects of running a crèche in India but the recent guidelines promulgated provide adequate clarity on how crèches/Montessori/playschools should be built and run.

The crèche facility guidelines in India mention the following:

1) The facility should cater to the children in the age group of 90 days to 10 years.
2) The minimum number of children should be 5 or more.
3) The accommodation within the crèche should be sufficient for children with the ballpark figure being a minimum of 8 q feet per child.
4) Adequate lighting, ventilation have to be provided.
5) The toilet facilities should be clean with regular maintenance.
6) The play area should be located outside of the centre and should have all necessary games and infrastructure for children of this age group to enjoy themselves.
7) Drinking water should be pure and safe for the children. Regular cleaning and maintenance of any purifier installed should be carried out.
8)The kitchen or cooking area for food preparation must be located far away from the children activity area for due safety.
9) The children should have clean sleeping mattresses, pillows and bed sheets.
10) The learning material as well as other play material like toys should be relevant and kept updated to meet the children needs.
11) Any emergency situation arising out of falls, accidents within the centre should be efficiently tackled through first aid kit that is well stocked with medicines for common ailments, band aids, cotton wool and ointments.
12) The nurse or caretaker in charge should have a qualification of having completed crèche care certification from a recognized organization. The security of the crèche should be taken care by chowkidar/ watchmen on shift rotation basis so that there is always somebody across 24 hours.

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