Do we Require Any Qualifications to Start a Daycare

In India, normally, there is no requirement of a professional qualification for starting a small scale day care. However, if you are planning to start a professional day care or a corporate day care, you and your staff members should have supporting professional qualifications.

It is advisable if you have a certification or diploma in child care from a recognized institution.  Alternatively, you can have a degree in child psychology or a diploma in counseling or education. If you have maids or ayahs, they also needDo we Require Any Qualifications to Start a Daycare to be trained in maintaining hygiene and managing children. Improper behavior with kids can lead to negative effects on the tender minds.

The managers of the day care if any have to be trained professional managers that can handle HR management, public relations and administration. Selection of the staff should also be done with awareness.

Commonly in India, the local day care owners are not professionals. However, it is true that they have been managing day cares successfully for years. They provide all the care, love and affection to the kids. On the other hand, if the day care owners are professionally trained, they not only provide the care and attention to children, but also are prepared for all types of emergencies and know how to deal with them. They can work on the communication with kids of various age groups through verbal communication, toys, and games and so on so that they develop motor skills, and other intellectual skills throughout.

Similarly, parents nowadays are educated and aware and prefer the best for their kids. They prefer professional day cares where they can rely on for the health and safety of the child especially when they have to be away for long hours. Therefore, it is recommended to be professionally skilled to handle a business like day care in India.

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