Start a Daycare at Home in India

A day care seems to be a lucrative business that one can start in the comfort zone at home. However, this business involves great responsibility that keeps you on your toes and a complete set of investments that are systematic and involve no compromise.

So, now that you are planning to start your own day care, you need to consider the follows:

Since, it is a business venture, you need to name and register it. You can also acquire a shop act license for the same. This not only makes the venture professional, but also helps in financial records and any case of emergency.

If you have ample space at home, you can design a great infrastructure with a playroom, small library and even a small garden. However, if the space is restricted, you can set up the rooms with storage for bags, toys, books, sleeping bunks and so on.

You can start initially by hiring a single domestic help and then work on the labor strength after you get a good response.

You need to decide the aStart a Daycare at Home in Indiage groups that you prefer. Some day cares allow babies from 3 months and above while others take care of new-born as well. Accordingly, you need to make arrangements and plan the timings as well.

Once you are set with the preparations, you can advertise by circulating information. The best way to market you day care business is through public relations. You need to be prepared to counsel parents and answer their queries satisfactorily. Parents can be skeptical as they trust you with their angels.

You need to have a good pediatric doctor nearby for any emergency. Similarly, you also need to note down the medical history and particular traits of every child.  This can help you deal with emergencies when the parents are at work.

You can offer fresh cooked food and snacks for the kids or request parents to send packed lunch and snacks.

Other than those requirements mentioned above, if you are starting up in a metro or big city, you require extra timing as parents probably have more travel time.

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